Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gabriel's Rapture (Gabriel's Inferno #2) by Sylvain Reynard

Gabriel's Rapture (Gabriel's Inferno #2)
by Sylvain Reynard

Paperback, 416 pages
Published August 2012 by Berkley Trade

"I love you forever Jullianne, whether you love me or not. That's my Heaven. And my Hell."

aaarrgghh… to make this review is harder than i thought… since the book's not as i expected it would be… not really a dissapoinment… but i love the first book more…

the continuing story about Julia and Gabriel, starting at the point they left us in Italy… at first, i awe with how they love each other in Italy… and makes Italy became the third country i wanted to visit after France/Paris and Netherland/Armsterdam, because of story in books… :D

after they went home, the problems keep coming… so they have to be separated and finally they get away to being together at the end…

and that's all… nothing more or less…

the details are more about belief, courage, love, forgiveness (especially forgiving yourself)… this book will be a great marriage proposal gift :D
and as i always love the language…

i gave it 4 out of 5 stars ;-)

i marked several things from the book that i wanted to share with you all…

Julia: "The universe isn't based on magic - there isn't one set of circumstances for the good and one for the evil. Every one suffers sometime. The question is what you fo with your suffering, right?"

Julia: "Perhaps the reason why Richard and Grace were so happily married was because they had realistic expectations; they didn't expect one another to meet their needs. It would also explain why a spiritual dimension was so important to each of them."

Julia: "When you love something, you don't see its flaws."

Julia refering to the battle of Thermopylae - King Leonidas: "I'd rather have you alive and carrying your shield than have you dead and covered by it."

Richard to Julia: "Don't wait too long. Life takes unexpected turns, and we don't always have the time we think we have."

and the last from Gabriel:

"I want to be your first and your last. I love you, Jullianne. I offer you my heart and my life."
"Marry me. Be my wife, my friend, my lover, and my guide. Be my blessed Beatrice and my adored Jullianne."
"Say you'll be mine. Forever."


  1. akhirnya kelar juga -.-"

    quotenya itu lohh :D pake bahasa bunga, ga straight to the point. pengarangnya pinter mengolah variasi kosakata ke dalam satu kalimat.. halahhh bahasa gw udah kaya guru bahasa indonesia :))

    brarti impas nih kita sama2 nunggu redemtion :DDD

    - Putri a.k.a Princhesta

    1. hehe... kan emang sengaja baru dibaca... :D

      aku mau pre-order Gabriel's Redemption sih... setelah kita officially pindah kantor... :d