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Dinner With a Vampire (The Dark Heroine #1) by Abigail Gibbs

Dinner With a Vampire (The Dark Heroine #1)
by Abigail Gibbs

Paperback, 549 pages
Published October 11th 2012 by Harper Voyager

meet Violet Lee - a vegetarian girl with violet eyes...
meet Kaspar Varn - a vampire guy, who happens a royal heir of vamperic kingdom... called the Varns... who smirks a lot... i said again... a lot... XD

everything we (as least for me) know about vamperic world based on Twilight Saga will changed completely...

here... vampires really can control their appetite for blood, if they want, they can drink human blood from a human without killing her/him...

if a human replace her/his blood half-half, s/he becomes a vampire
if a human replace her/his blood with just a quarter with vamperic blood, s/he becomes a dhampir... a human with a better sense and everything... more enhance capabilities...

in this story, human is not better than animal according to the other dimension creatures...

there are 9 dimensions, our world is the first dimension, each dimension has its own inhabitants... including human in every dimension, but with different understanding among creatures...
such as, since the story just mentioning the first and second dimension, in the second dimension, human are willing even begging to be sucked by a vampire (have no idea the reasons, not really recall them)...

the story is simple with kind of details which supposed to help in building the story but i guess, however they kind of distracting... and too much…

what i got, the bigger picture is there is an anxiety between human and vampire... and back a thousand years a go there was prophecy of heroines saying there will be nine dark heroines who will safe the world...

i don't know if there is connection between each dimensions, i mean if something happens in the first dimension will affect the second dimension and so on or what... somehow, the prophecy is a big deal for every one, ones who didn't believe and ones who did believe... now that the prophecy is beginning to coming true... then everybody busy on taking part of it...

the smaller picture is about Violet, a human which soon should turn to vampire, who first got kidnapped by a handsome vampire, who first hate him with all there is to hate, but slowly but sure, fall head over heels in love with him... not much of surprise in that part right? Stockholm Syndrome is it?

the surprise is... tttaadddaaa... i don't want to spoil... but you can guess from the tittle, right? right?

anyway... the complication arise when the girl father is actually the bad guy here, but we cannot say that because… he's the father after all...

so, there's a lot of emotions on that part also, which eventually solved with not much efforts, if i must say...

actually, what bother me so much... there's so much (supposed to be) tensions... but actually really nothing happen, or to tell? would the author miss to extravagant the event? and the only i got was anti-climax?? i have no idea...

maybe the problem is my English... or maybe she (the author) was too busy building her story with so much details (even another hot guy with a jealous soon to be girl friend, who was relatif to the first handsome guy)... aarrgghhh... i didn't recall the name... who is whom... so many people, with many relationships... too many people with not clear role in the story…

maybe because this is the first of the series, more to come in the next story... but i don't think i would like to find out with the first story like this... (hhhmmm i don't know... i kind of easy teased by books... XD )

on the cover, there's a sticker that said "The sexiest romance you'll read this year"… i don't think so, maybe the author's trying but not succeed… she even tried to insert hardcore in the story that i don't really get the point, was she trying to give picture of how sex-life in the vamperic world?

but... one thing i admire, the author kind of already have a really good job with the idea of the story, though building and telling are completely different matter...

therefore i gave it 3 stars for the effort :D

wants to know what wiki said about the book? check this out.

if you ask me, why i'm reading the book anyway? because... the Indonesian translated book's cover is so gorgeous... here it is:

and from a friend, i learned that the story's written on wattpad, i searched for it and read it there, but only part of it, since the author already took the rest of the story out, since it's published... then i looked for the book, fortunately i got it on bargain price... i continued reading what i've left on wattpad, but it seemed quite different... then i decided to re-read it from the beginning... and i guess, the details were indeed different, there're parts which taken out from the story on wattpad.

i don't really recommend the book, but if you really into Twilight Saga, then this story is for you... ;-)

and now, that i must really remember "Don't judge the book by it's cover"... never! XD

The Associate by John Grisham


The Associate 
by John Grisham

Paperback, 384 pages

after a while it's nice to read John Grisham's again... one of my favorite's author, more about memory of a long time ago... when i was younger :d

kemaren sempet borong beberapa buku JG second dan kebetulan banget ada baca bareng Mystery Book's Club with host Book to Share,  jadilah disempetin untuk baca buku JG di bulan Maret ini... yaahh sampai hari ini cuma dapet 1... hihi... tapi lumayan lah dapet juga :D

i chose The Associate since the except on the back of the cover was more tempting... and the story was nicely start... all the tension is there... though the main character, Kyle McAvoy, whined most of the time... the story rolled very smooth...
until at sometime around page 300 something, i knew it's the time, somehow JG seemed lost interest and decided to end the story... then voila... he ended there, just like that... :d

the story was about a young associate in a big firm, who got blackmailed due to something he didn't do years before... he got assigned to tap confidential document in his office, actually he sole purpose by joining the firm was to get the document...

everything looked complicated, moreover there's a murder... but then there's no clear ending and explanation about the motives and who exactly behind everything...

John Grisham was too busy with details of the firm's practice... but seemed forget to prepare how he's gonna end the story and gave a nice conclusion... he just let the reader as confused as Kyle McAvoy, and forced us to just go on to live out lives... just like Kyle did... i hate it... XD

however, it's nice start to keep reading the other John Grisham's books or even a good reason to buy more... :D

i gave it 3 out of 5 starts

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Wishful Wednesday [5]

hihi… gak konsisten nih bikin memenya… tapi gak pa2 deh… karena kemaren2 ini kelupaan dan… kalo terlalu maksain kan ntar jadi beban… #alesan :D

anyway, minggu ini my wishful wednesday jatuh ke buku ini…

When they first met Lord Jeremy William Radcliffe, Charlie and her twin sister, Elizabeth were escaping from their uncle-taking turns acting the young gentleman to avoid detection. But Charlie couldn’t help falling head over heels-and out of a window-for the handsome lord. Of course, that was only the beginning; Lord Radcliffe insisted on showing “him” and her lovely sister to London.
But how could he do that? With every touch, Radcliffe seemed unknowingly to incite indecent desires in Charlie, and his fraternal intent was certain to land her in a fine mess. Though it was a great game to play a boy, there was more fun in being female. And after one brush of his fiery lips when her guise was gone, Charlie swore to be nothing but his fiery woman forevermore.

gak sengaja liat di periplus, covernya cantik dan… seperti yang aku bilang di post WW sebelumnya… i really into twins story… :D

udah lama gak baca historical romance [padahal dulu juga pas baca Barbara Cartland, mana ngerti yang namanya historical romance apaan…], eh tapi kemaren baca Truce, itu historical romance ding… yaaa… kan gak pa2 juga klo tiba2 ada yang ngasih ini… :D

About Wishful Wednesday:

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  2. Buat posting mengenai buku-buku (boleh lebih dari 1) atau segala hal yang berhubungan dengan kebutuhan bookish kalian, yang jadi inceran kalian minggu ini, mulai dari yang bakal segera dibeli, sampai yang paling mustahil dan hanya sebatas mimpi. Oya, sertakan juga alasan kenapa buku/benda itu masuk dalam wishlist kalian ya!
  3. Tinggalkan link postingan Wishful Wednesday kalian di Mr. Linky (klik saja tombol Mr. Linky di bagian bawah post). Kalau mau, silakan tambahkan button Wishful Wednesday di posting kalian.
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Twisted (Tangled #2) by Emma Chase

Twisted (Tangled #2)
by Emma Chase

ARC, ebook, 272 pages
Published March 25th 2014 by Gallery Books

have you read Tangled? if you haven't then you should... :D
when I see Tangled excerpt, I know that I should read it... I really intrigued by POV from the male character... we seldom can hear, what our fellow men had to say about their selves or their really opinion about us, women... and we always curious, right?

so... it was my introduction with Drew... a boyish, sometimes selfish and self-observed man...

when he met Kate, Drew, the womanizer, had to choose and be mature... or acting as an adult once and for all... until he finally can win Kate's heart...

now, after 2 years (in the story)... we've got to hear what's Kate POV...
somehow, Kate has her own insecurity... added by Drew's jumped to conclusion behavior... they created their story together... ;-)

we can learn so much about relationship in this sequel... that sometimes, even though, we're sure that we love each other so much, but in a relationship, we have to build the base... which is trust... we have to trust each other...

what I love about this story is how it's showing every body have their own flaws, that we should learn and try to find ways to overcome them together with our love ones...

I give it 4 out of 5 stars for this sequel... because I love it so much, and can't wait to read the next... yay!

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Friday's Recommendation #1

selalu dilema antara baca bukunya dulu atau nonton filmnya aja? ;-)

naaahh… klo gitu sekarang aku tambahin dilemanya yaaa… yuuuukkk baca buku ini

filmnya sebentar lagi rilis, klo gak salah bulan Juni, ceritanya tentang apa? tentang bagaimana cara mengisi dan memberi arti hidupmu ketika kamu cuma punya waktu untuk hidup gak lama lagi…

sedih ya ceritanya? oh pastinya… tapi bukan itu koq intinya, kita kan selalu bisa mengambil hikmahnya dan terutama pelajarannya… :D

aku udah baca bukunya dan sangat terkesan, terutama di bagian jalan2 ke Amsterdamnya… aku bayanginnya pasti cantik banget… dan penasaran pengen liat kalo di film-in, sebenernya sih lebih pengen lagi jalan2 kesana… :D

trus kenapa baca bukunya? karena… menurutku pribadi… somehow, buku itu lebih bagus daripada filmnya…

so… yuk… baca dulu sebelum nonton… dan denger2 sih terjemahannya kurang OK, mendingan baca versi aslinya aja… ;-)

oh iya… ini Friday's Recommendation-ku yang perdana… ikutan meme ini karena… hihi… ada GiveAwaynya… ;-)

Pengen ikutan meme Friday's Recommendation? Ini rulesnya :
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  6. Waktu meme adalah bi-weekly.Jadi, meme berikutnya akan dipost di hari Jum'at, dua minggu setelah meme yang terakhir :).

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[EXCERPT] Twisted (Tangled #2) by Emma Chase

[EXCERPT] Twisted (Tangled #2)
by Emma Chase

I close my eyes and let his words wash over me.  Drew has an amazing voice. Calm and soothing - but devilishly seductive at the same time.  He totally could’ve gone into radio. 
I press another button.

And this time his tone is teasing.  “Kaate, you’re late. . Tell Delores to pick out her own god damn shoes. You’ve got a boyfriend who’s  sitting in a big, frothy Jacuzzi all by his lonesome. Come home, sweetheart. I’m here waiting for you.”

If only that was true today.

There’s more - some are quick and to the point, some are downright dirty.  And I listen to every single one.  He doesn’t say ‘I love you’ in any of them - but he doesn’t have to.  I hear it in every word. Every time he says my name.

Have you read "Tangled" by Emma Chase? If you haven't then you should... so you'll get to know Drew and Kate, and share their beautiful love story...

Then here's some more... the sequel which will be published by 25 March 2014, come get it now... ;-)

My review will follow soon... meanwhile, if you want to buy/pre-order, here're the links ...

Simon & Schuster


Barnes & Noble

   Kobo (not available yet)




Emma's Social Media


By day, Emma Chase is a devoted wife and mother of two who resides in a small, rural town in New Jersey. By night she is a keyboard crusader, toiling away the hours to bring her colorful characters and their endless antics to life. She has a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.

Emma is an avid reader. Before her children were born she was known to consume whole books in a single day. Writing has also always been a passion and with the 2013 release of her debut romantic comedy, Tangled, the ability to now call herself an author is nothing less than a dream come true.

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Heather Lyons' A MATTER OF FOREVER Cover Reveal

We are in love with Heather Lyons' A MATTER OF FOREVER!! A MATTER OF FOREVER is the fourth book, and conclusion, of her Fate Series. This is an upper YA/NA Fantasy series, and one not to be missed!!
A Matter of Forever Cover

 A MATTER OF FOREVER SYNOPSIS: It all comes down to this . . . Chloe Lilywhite has struggled for years to find her footing in a series of dangerous and demanding worlds. Creator, first tier Council member, and one of the most powerful Magicals in existence, she was little more than one of Fate’s pawns. But now, Chloe is back home and ready to call the shots. She knows what she wants and who she wants to be. Except the Elders never got the memo. Annar and Magical-kind are under attack. The lives of Chloe’s loved ones, and life as they know it, are at stake. Chloe's the key to taking the Elders down, but they won't go quietly into the night. This time, neither will Chloe.

Other books in the Fate Series:

 A Amtter of Fate 

A MATTER OF FATE, Book 1 Chloe Lilywhite struggles with all the normal problems of a typical seventeen-year-old high school student. Only, Chloe isn’t a normal teenage girl. She’s a Magical, part of a secret race of beings who influence the universe. More importantly, she’s a Creator, which means Fate mapped out her destiny long ago, from her college choice, to where she will live, to even her job. While her friends and relatives relish their future roles, Chloe resents the lack of say in her life, especially when she learns she’s to be guarded against a vengeful group of beings bent on wiping out her kind. Their number one target? Chloe, of course. That’s nothing compared to the boy trouble she’s gotten herself into. Because a guy she’s literally dreamed of and loved her entire life, one she never knew truly existed, shows up in her math class, and with him comes a twin brother she finds herself inexplicably drawn to. Chloe’s once unyielding path now has a lot more choices than she ever thought possible.   Amazon Barnes & Noble

   A Matter of Heart 

A MATTER OF HEART, Book 2 No longer in high school, Chloe Lilywhite is now living and working in Annar, the Magicals’ city-state plane of existence. Since moving, she’s joined the Council, gone on missions with the Guard, moved into her own apartment, and enrolled at the University of Annar. Plus, she’s happily engaged to be married to Jonah Whitecomb, the literal man from her dreams, not to mention her Connection. While she still struggles with aspects of her craft, Chloe feels like she’s finally coming into her own, especially after a difficult year that had her questioning nearly everything in her life. After a brutal attack by the Elders, her life is turned upside down once more. Accusations fly throughout the Council and Guard, forcing Chloe to confront her worst fears about what’s she’s capable of as a Creator. And then there’s the matter of Kellan Whitecomb, Jonah’s twin brother and Chloe’s ex, who resurfaces after disappearing months before. Although Chloe chose Jonah, and despite their best efforts, the two find it hard to stay away from one another. But no matter what Fate throws at her, Chloe is determined to take charge of her life, even as it begins to spiral out of control.   Amazon Barnes & Noble

    A MAtter of Truth 

A MATTER OF TRUTH, Book 3 Not long ago, Chloe Lilywhite seemingly had it all: a prized spot on the Magicals’ Council as lead Creator, a loving fiancé and Connection, and a wealth of good friends. But the poised young woman she projected was nothing more than a façade. Her parents all but disowned her. Power plays and accusations of murder within the Council rocked her confidence. And most difficult of all, her secret, a secondary Connection to Jonah’s twin brother, Kellan, became painfully impossible to resist. Desperate to gain control over her rapidly unraveling existence, Chloe did the unthinkable: she ran away. Now living and working in Alaska under an alias, Chloe is slowly discovering who she is and, more importantly, who she wants to be. But the more she tries to leave the Magical world behind, the harder it becomes to stay hidden. The Elders are back with a vengeance, and the stakes have never been higher. Chloe finally has to make a choice: embrace her pre-ordained Fate or pave her own way in the worlds. One thing’s for sure, though—she’s finally up for the challenge. *This is a New Adult title, suitable for readers 18+.   Amazon Barnes & Noble

AMoF Series Banner3   Author Photo 

About Heather Lyons: Heather Lyons has always had a thing for words—She’s been writing stories since she was a kid. In addition to writing, she’s also been an archaeologist and a teacher. Heather is a rabid music fan, as evidenced by her (mostly) music-centric blog, and she’s married to an even larger music snob. They’re happily raising three kids who are mini music fiends who love to read and be read to.    

Website; Author Goodreads; Twitter & Facebook 

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January & February Update: New Author Reading Challenge 2014

yup! i know i'm late, but better late than never, right? right?

so, the good things about this reading challenge this year, that i don't have to review all the books i read… yay!

in 2 months, i have 4 (e)books for this challenge, which they are:

1. The Echoes of Love by Hannah Fielding (January)
2. The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick (January)
3. The Plan by Qwen Salsbury (February)
4. All of You by Christina Lee (February)

and can i put this one too? since Robert Galbraith is my "new author" too XD

5. The Cuckoos Calling - Dekut Burung Kukuk by Robert Galbraith (January)

see you again soon for more (e)books for new author's reading ;-)