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[BOOK TOUR] The Plan by Qwen Salsbury

The Plan
by Qwen Salsbury

ARC, ebook, 195 pages
Published February 11th 2014 by Omnific Publishing


“Emma! You have got to wake up.”
Canon is holding me, but I feel jostled. He’s been shaking me. I gulp down air.
“Shhh.” His hand smoothes my hair out of my face and down my back. Pulling back, he looks at me. “I thought…oh, God, I thought you were being…and I heard you, and I could see the lights, and then and then and th—oh, my God, what the motherfuck are you wearing?”
He propels himself backward from the bed.
This is all so weird. I look down and remember the pity party that ended in donning a peach negligee with black lace inlays and fabric that makes Clara’s sheer robe look like plaid flannel.
“This? This is actually lingerie.”
I told him he would know it if I wore it. I don’t do things halfway.
Deer in headlights. Yeah, that description works here.
And just to keep things straight, I’m sporting the headlights.
Maybe we could call them blips.
I may have just set off the radar…
There’s something about flustered Alaric Canon I can’t get enough of. I’m practically naked, yet he’s the one uncomfortable.
“Why? What did you expect me to wear?” I stand to usher him out…and show off the cute little coordinating panties. “Did you think I sleep in the nude?”
“Goodnight, Ms. Baker,” he calls behind him. He has already crossed the hall.
“And a goodnight to you, Mr. Canon.”

Meet The Author

My Thought

"If you still think we shouldn't see each other, then we better close our eyes. I'm not going anywhere."

maybe it's true… there's no such as coincident in this world…

that happens to me with this ARC ebook too… i didn't quite remember of how i got the chance to have signed my self up with the book tour… and somehow i feel blessed… to be able to read such a great piece of story… :D

meet Emma Baker, junior employee in a corporate…
meet Alaric Canon, a demanding boss…

it's started with admiration end up with an opportunity… which i don't believe it's a coincident at all… so just let us call it fate…

Mr. Canon is such a hard to pleased and demanding boss, his personal assistant has always failed him…

until Emma has to fill the position and has to go on business trip with him… until they should share the same hotel room… until everything has changed… until we can see that there is nothing such a coincident after all…

i love the story from the very begining… i might even write a very close similar story of my own… or maybe sometimes a go experienced and has the same feeling as Emma… only not as deperate as Emma though, as i thought i wasn't…

there were times that we just so hooked up with our boss, and we were willingly declared that our life dedication was only for work, that if our job done satisfactorily that our boss would pleased and noticed us… or is it just… me and Emma? ;-)

Emma confused her self with her feeling of curiousity and desperation over Canon… when she is in the position that she can refused and be her truly self, she's thinking of embrasing the moment and just to live at the moment… without realising that there were more than that… that perhaps Canon would feel more about her, beyond of her tought of him…

Ms. Qwen Salisbury is a genius… she's witty, she's chose her words so smart, i sometimes don't understand them… excuse me, it's my own fault not her… i love her, she's my new favorite author, i want to read more of her writings and i definitely want to write like her… if someday i can write something…

i love how she described Emma at the last piece of her story, not too much, but lovely… it's just that Emma was thinking too much (aren't we all? :d), sometimes i just didn't understand her stance, she's really busy coping with her feeling, even at the time when she supposed to enjoy her self, for Christ's sake, and the author seems to lack of explanation about what is really worrying her… i guess, i just have to re-read this again to get her well… or maybe that just the way Emma is...

i love Canon too, he's so loveable sans his intolerance of mistake and his demands… though i still love Emma more…

well done, Ms. Salisbury… i hope many people will think the same as me… and love your work… :D

i think i need to inquire about pineapple to Mr. Google and get to know what its effect on people… or must i say to Mr. Canon? XD

wait... you wouldn't ask me how many star i've gave, right? yeah... absolutely 5 bright shining stars :3

ps. but i hate the cover, i think there are more than the girl on the cover of Emma… can please somebody change the cover design?
pss. i put this review as one of my New Author Reading Challenge

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