Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies #2) by Tarryn Fisher

Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies #2)
by Tarryn Fisher

ebook, 265 pages

After I finished The Opportunist, I feel that there are still more to tell about Olivia, but then it ended so well.. With her marry Noah - the nice guy who came out of the blue, too easy, eh? But still I love how it ends..

Then there's Dirty Red, I doubt if I want to read about Leah's POV, I always hate her.. And also, maybe, because there're reviews that said it's no good.. yeah... typical me... :D

Still, I read it anyway, for I want more and more reading about all of them..

It turned out there're so many secrets and lies between Leah and Caleb, too many I guess, that make kind of sick.. How she could live her life like that.. and him too...

The story is still in the same background as The Opportunist with different POV and a little bit stretch time line.. New additional persons, whom only makes everything more complicated..

The story ended with more big fat secrets and lies between those two..
And makes me wonder if I want to read Thief.. Yes, there're more from Caleb's POV.

Most of the time, I wanted to understand my hero and heroin in the story I read.. Although, I wanted to understand Leah a little bit, in the end I still hate her.. There're times when I pity her.. But I guess, she
didn't have the right to complaint why everything end up like that..
She forced everything, without question, without hesitation.. She wanted Caled too much, she obsessed with him.. Just like Caleb obsessed with Olivia..

SPOILERS AHEAD: don't read if you want to read the story yourself!!

Since each one of them giving their own side of the story.. I guess there're holes in this one..

Questions from me?

1. Why the hell Caleb let Olivia go when she confessed to him at Rome, back then it seems that he finally can accept Leah and be happy with her.. That's why Olivia let go, right?
But he did left Leah, right? Or was it before Rome? Was the pregnancy before Rome?

2. When Caleb had the ring anyway? I know, I sense from the first place that it's belong to Olivia.. But Leah only found it before the amnesia..  Before Caleb even try to get back to Olivia, or.. Maybe Caleb already had the plan before the accident.. And he see his way after the accident..

Hhhhhmmmm.. This story is really messed my mind.. No other story had me think so much to figure them out..

At first, I hesitate to let me down under with messing my mind by reading Thief.. Now I eager to read it.. But I guess I'll hold for a couple of days, to have my mind settle down.. Since I think it'd be the last of the series.. I want to keep it a little longer to linger with the thought of them.. :d

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