Sunday, July 6, 2014

May & June Update: New Author Reading Challenge 2014

wow, it's July already, and… looks like this challenge is the only one which I can keep up on updating, even in Goodreads Reading Challenge, I've already behind schedule a couple of books… many even… >.<

the other challenges? hihi… I've no idea… I guess, I should look and inventory the RC's that I've joined… a.s.a.p! :d

and here is the list of my books for these months:
  1. Who Are You by Lim Eun Hee
  2. Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons, #1) by Christina Lauren
  3. The Help by Kathryn Stockett
  4. People Like Us by Yosephine Monica
  5. The Switch by Lynsay Sands
  6. Girls in the Dark by Akiyoshi Rikako
  7. The Deep End of the Sea by Heather Lyons

see you again for another 2 months... cheers!! :3

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  1. *toss* aahh.. samaan 7 buku ya dua bulan kemaren :))