Monday, September 8, 2014

July & August Update: New Author Reading Challenge 2014

hai… hai… it comes the time to update the New Author Reading Challenge again, now its for months of July - August, not bad these months, I can read another 7 new author books ;-)

and here is the list of my books for these months:

1. The Possibility of Us by Lisa Burstein (Jul)
2. Negeri Para Bedebah (Negeri Para Bedebah #1) by Tere Liye (Jul)
3. How to Reprimand Your Rock Star by Mina Vaughn (Jul)
4. Clipped Wings (Clipped Wings #1) by Helena Hunting (Aug)
5. Daddy Long-Legs by Jean Webster (Aug)
6. Müller hoch Drei - Petualangan si Kembar Tiga by Burkhand Spinner (Aug)
7. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (Aug)

too bad that I didn't do review of these books, since there're a couple of great books which I certainly recommended to all of you...

see you again for another 2 months… ciayo!! :3


  1. Keren. Semangat mencari pengarang yang berbeda ya

    1. hehe... makasih yaa... tapi biasanya sih milih buku karena bukunya bukan cuma karena pengarangnya... :D