Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Reading Challenge - The Result

oh la la... this year would be my most competitive year for reading challenges... >.<
I have joined 10 reading challenges so far... but I guess I only succeed in a couple of them...

let's take a look...

1. 2014 TBRR Pile Reading Challenge - Hosted by Hobby Buku

the only book I managed to read from my pile is The Associate by John Grisham which is also as Readalong Mystery Book's Club

therefore considered as a failed challenge

2. 2014 Mystery Book's Club - Hosted by Book to Share

it's not really a challenge... as I mentioned above I read one John Grisham book for this and it's my only book for participating in the club... :d

3. Lucky No.14 Reading Challenge - Hosted by Book to Share

there're 14 categories of books, I only managed to read 5 of them... and only one book that I haven't review, and if time permit I might add one category more... hopefully...

[2] Cover Lust : The Echoes of Love by Hannah Fielding and The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire (The Dark Heroin #1) by Abigail Gibbs
[3] Blame it on Bloggers : The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
[6] First Letter's Rule : Raging Star (Dust Lands Trilogy #3) by Moira Young
[7] Favourite Author : Cecelia Ahern - How to Fall in Love, different from what I intended previously
[12] Freebies Time : The Cuckoo's Calling - Debut Burung Kukuk (Cormoran Strike #1) by Roberth Galbraith

eerrr... I guess this challenge is also considered as a failure challenge...

4. Receh untuk Buku 2014

the idea is to collect small changes and then buy a book or books from them... I didn't collected any... so I withdraw my self from the challenge...

5. Books in English 2014 Reading Challenge - Hosted by p3n1 @ Ketimbun Buku

I have many books in English that I read this year... so I will get a quite good result for this challenge, I'll take a look the rules and will be back with the result later on...

6. Young Adult Reading Challenge 2014 - Hosted by Tea Time and Books

in the previous year, I read severals YA books, but this year I kinda busy with the more adult books... therefore I won't bother, this is also a failure challenge for me...

7. Dinoy's Books Review 2014 - Hosted by Dinoy's Books Review

the problem is... I don't really have time to update my review with Dinoy's... so... this again a failed challenge XD

8. New Authors Reading Challenge 2014 - Hosted by Ren's Little Corner

aaarrgghh... finally the one challenge that I'm doing good... this is my second year of the challenge... and this year... I managed to join the two months update post, even have won a give away once...

I will make the wrap up post soon...

I guess I should thank Ren for being a very good host for the challenge... she always reminded us, to came along with give away by submitting the update post :3
one thing for sure I love about the challenge that I don't have to write a review on my blog, I can submit my Goodreads review... :D #dasarpemalas
and this challenge really works well with my activity to review new books which I get the ARC from the publisher...

9. BBI Review Challenge 2014 - Hosted by BBI

I am a Lexile Reader, managed to read and review 21-45 books... it's just around 20 something...

10. 2014 Reading Challenge - Hosted by Goodreads

I challenged my self with higher target this year, last year I succeed with my 50 books... but I guess this year I will fail my 75 books target, up to date, I'm already 12 books behind schedule... :'(

next year I will reduce my books number target definitely...

so that's it... next year, I'll look forward to join my success challenge reading... and keep up my cooperation with publisher to promote the new published books... it's really an enjoyable mutual relationship which I have built this year... and really look forward to read new books from my favourite authors or new authors whom hopefully will be my favourites... :D


  1. waahh.. ternyata banyak ya rc yang elo ikutin di tahun ini, Via :D eh soal 2014 tbrr.. bukannya tiap buku yang elo review di blog ini bisa dimasukkan ke 'daftar' ya? khan kalau soal misteri/award winner/hisfic/movies-books itu khan additional challenge :)

    *semoga gua ngga salah nangkap XD*

    1. hihi... sebenernya aku juga agak ragu Ndah... apakah semua buku yang terbitnya sebelum 2014 bisa masuk atau gak... tapi... hihi... buku2 yang aku baca kebanyakan baru2, yang terbitan lama pun, either baru atau minjem... bukan dari timbunan... XD

      jadi... ya sudah lah... :D

  2. Makasih Mba Ri atas partisipasinya :'D. Tahun ini juga bakal tetep jadi host yang rajin ngingetin b^^d